Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement in Whittier, CA

We know how easy it is to take your garbage disposal for granted. Most people don’t give this appliance much thought until it stops operating correctly. Whether your kitchen sink is backing up from a clog in your disposal or you smell a bad odor coming from the appliance, you can count on My Whittier Plumber Hero to be there for you.

We’re available 24 hours a day and always ready to spring into action to help you no matter what the concern may be. Our highly trained plumbing staff can troubleshoot with you over the phone or send a technician to your door to investigate the problem. You give us your dirtiest job and we’ll deliver stellar results each and every time.

How Can I Prevent My Garbage Disposal from Breaking?

We hear this question from Whittier, CA, residents every day. The answer is not as simple as you may think. While there are plenty of ways to avoid catastrophic failure, sometimes the reason for the breakdown has nothing to do with your manner of usage. In these cases, the cause of the malfunction is usually related to something electrical or the appliance is old and has reached the end of its lifespan.

If you want to avoid major repairs over the course of owning your disposal, there are certain measures you can take to keep this kitchen appliance running without problems. Consider the following:

  • Limit the amount of food waste you put in the disposal.
  • Use it every day, but make sure you run cold water through the disposal for at least 10 – 15 seconds after each use to make sure there are no food particles present that could clog the disposal.
  • Avoid grinding up foods like potato skins, pasta, rice, grease, oil, onion peels, etc. These food materials can be hard for the disposal to “digest,” resulting in stoppages.

Is Professional Garbage Disposal Installation Really Necessary?

It is convenient to walk into the nearest Lowes, Home Depot, or other neighborhood, home improvement store and pick out a new garbage disposal. You may even think that you’re saving money by installing the appliance yourself. We urge our customers to consider the value of professional garbage disposal installation. Not only does this plumbing service give you piece of mind that the installation was done correctly, but it preserves your warranty should something fail with the appliance at a later date.

Save Money with Professional Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Don’t jeopardize the manufacture warranty that came with your disposal. If your appliance breaks down, call us right away. All of our repairs and installation services are 100% guaranteed and always within your budget.